About Us

It all started from a boy, age twabout-us-imageelve, Kyriakos Vassiliades, who left his village in the province of Paphos, in search for work in the city of Limassol. Starting from odd jobs, but with the mind and eyes always open, managed at the age of eighteen to be one of the three shareholders and administrators of the company S. K. S. Vassiliades LTD.  In 2001, professionally profound, after resigning from the aforementioned company, he proceeded with establishing the company N. K. S. Vassiliades LTD.

The company N. K. S. Vassiliades LTD is a family business which undertakes all kinds of steel structures with clear propensity to constructions with stainless steel throughout the territory of the free part of Cyprus and abroad.  Specifically house railings (interior and exterior), showcases and store decorations, dividers, doors, stairs (internal and external), workbenches, tables and artworks (representative sample work of artwork can be seen in Limassol at Molos, at Paphos airport, at the offices of the Cyprus Sport Organisation, at the headquarters of the Hellenic Bank) can be manufactured.

After forty years of expertise on steel constructions we can guarantee the quality of our work, the excellent service but also the creative and imaginative creation that responds to individual customer tastes.


Kyriacos Vassiliades, Director of NKS Vassiliades LTD, comes from the village of Agia Marina Kelokedaron in Paphos but permanently resides in Limassol since 1967. He is married to Thekla Kantari Vasileiadou and have had together five daughters who have given him, up until now nine grandchildren.

Working from the age of twelve since March 2001 is the founder and Director of the company N. K. S. Vassiliades LTD, that specializes in metal constructions, based in Limassol. He is self-taught and tireless practitioner. He likes the challenges of work and he is constantly trying to discover new methods to improve and enrich his work.